Colors of Sapa

Thank you for following us on our journey


We were fortunate enough to travel North to South Vietnam via train, motorcycle, bicycle, and foot. Along the journey, we saw a country filled with beauty from its vast tropical forest, rice fields, immense caves, and pristine beaches. From the hospitality of the Southern people to the diverse cultures or the North, each city had its own uniqueness.

The things we will miss the most are the people, food, and landscapes. We want to thank you for following us on our journey, and we hope you enjoyed sharing the adventure with us. In the future, we may update the site with more tips and photos. If you plan to take a trip to Vietnam, feel free to leave us a message, and we’ll do our best to help.

With love,

Vi & Tri


Dalat Rollercoaster :: POV :: HD 1080p


Datanla Waterfalls’s Alpine Coaster kicks butt! With a winding track going through various plants and flowers, the coaster takes you up to some blood pumping speeds. Your in control of the coaster by using a handle brake on each side of the cart. Enjoy the view while you can, because it’s gonna be blurry!
Location: Datanla Waterfall Park in Dalat Vietnam.
At the time of this video, tickets cost $3 USD for 2 rides/person

Kiteboarding Nha Trang 2011


Kiteboarding session with Waves Watersports located behind the Louisiana Brewhouse in Nha Trang. We were taught the basics, safety, and enough to get boarding.
Later in the session, we packed up and drove to a 3 foot deep lake which had perfect conditions for Kiteboarding. Constant wind, warm water, and waist deep water! The more advanced teachers displayed some tricks as well. Kiteboarding is a must try when visiting Nha Trang!

(Bloopers at the end of the video)

P.S. The guys doing the tricks are the teachers. Next year, it will be us for sure.

Thank you Vi, Anh Vu, Jeff, Anh Thuan for the memories.

Music Credits: “Certain Death (Still Alive Remix)” by Blackberry :: 2008
Licensed under Creative Commons


2 Weeks in Nha Trang


Mashup of photos from our two weeks in Nha Trang which consisted of Motorbiking, Kiteboarding, Scuba Diving, Pho, Balut Quail Eggs, Star Apple, Mango, and much more.


Scuba Diving Nha Trang :: Hon Mun :: HD 1080p



Vietnam :: Best Coffee in the World



Vi and I had some delicious coffee on the beach of Nha Trang @Cafe Sach. The coffee was drip filtered from a metal tin coffee filter–a must try for any visit to Vietnam.

Beautiful scenery, great coffee, and sunny weather! Definitely in paradise right now.

Quick fact, Vietnam is one of the largest exporters of coffee in the world. A visit to Buon Me Thuot Province takes you to the center of coffee production in Vietnam.


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Photos of the Day :: Kon Tum & Kham Duc





Vi crossing one scary bridge :: Kon Tum :: HD 1080p


On our way to Kon Tum, we stopped by a hot spring and waterfall. Only thing was that the spring was located across a bridge, which was held together by metal line and rotting wood.

Motorbike Vietnam Day 5 :: Buon Me Thuot Mountain Pass to Nha Trang :: HD 1080p


Rubber & Coffee Trees :: Motorbike Vietnam Day 4 :: Kon Tum to Buon Me Thuot


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